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Jenny's Yoga parties are a great way to bond while nurturing your mind, body, soul, and friendships! They allow for everyone to de-stress, relax, get energized, leave refreshed and feeling great!


Yoga parties provide a fresh, fun, hip and healthy alternative to any get together and are great for sharing time and enjoying the company of loved ones, friends, or co-workers.


What Does a Yoga Party Include?

All yoga parties include a yoga instructor. The ability to customize the class to your liking, or any special requests must be discussed at the time of booking.


A typical yoga party includes a yoga class, relaxation, as well as a time to ask questions, and then time to socialize with friends and family.


The yoga teacher will guide guests through hatha yoga, breathing and mediation exercises, practice demonstrating and explaining poses and why we do them as well as explain the benefits of breath work.


The yoga class can be energetic and vigorous or gentle and restorative, or something in between.


The yoga class will be made to suit all levels from beginners to the more advance yoga practitioners.

To book a yoga party or workshop,
contact Jenny today!
Coming soon:  Yoga Retreats! 
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