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Why Yoga?

Body & Brain Yoga is definitely more than just your average yoga class. But what is it that makes a class at Body & Brain yoga feel so unique?


For starters, a one hour class feels like a luxurious healing spa day…for your insides. The experience begins the moment that you enter the door of one of our cozy centers, where you’re sure to be greeted by a warm heart, a genuine smile, and maybe even a friendly hug. But that’s not even the spa part! The real journey begins the moment that you set foot into the classroom, a place intentionally designed to gently return your mind and body back into the same space and time.


With this experience of harmonization between the body and mind as its ultimate goal for every student, in every class, Body & Brain Yoga creates the space for you to experience your original nature, which in turn allows you to realize the incredible natural healing power within. This inner medicine is the buried treasure that each student has the opportunity to uncover – slowly and truthfully – one class at a time, as they enter deeper and deeper inside.


Here are five reasons why you should give Body & Brain a try:


1. It’s Gentle: A student of mine once called Body & Brain her “Healing Yoga.” The emphasis of the practice is to awaken to the body as it is now, allowing the students to move at their own pace, listening to the way the body feels through slow and deep meridian stretches. One witnesses the feeling of his own body as he relaxes enough to sink into a gentle internal release. It’s not fast or hard, there is no pushing, minimal intense strength training, and almost zero room for injury.


2. It’s Deep: Through holding certain stretches and floor postures for long periods of time, it emphasizes the importance of breath work, beginning by connecting with the natural breath as it is. That’s why anyone, at any level, can begin this practice comfortably. And all levels can join the class together as well, because a beginner may be doing comfortable, natural relaxation breathing while a long-term practitioner can be directing the breath in varying ways, often to fill up the lower energy center, according to his or her readiness.


3. It’s Meditative: In each class we take ample time to explore the amazing power of Ki-energy through dynamic energy meditation. In fact, some have even said that all of the exercises in the class feel like the body’s preparation to go into a deeper meditation. Once the meridian channels are opened and energy is circulating, the mind can really calm down and sink into the sensation of Ki, which automatically lowers the brain waves and brings one to the present moment. I have always felt that this simple technique provides anyone with a simple yet powerful shortcut to quieting the mind and lowering the brain waves.


4. Energy!!! While it is quite meditative, perhaps the highlight of Body & Brain Yoga is the experience one has with energy. All of the exercises are designed to wake up the entire energy system.


5. Developing a Solar Body: Through consistent practice of Body & Brain yoga, one begins to awaken their physical body, energy body & spiritual body, enabling them to transform their unhealthy, negative habits and cultivate themselves to become a person who not only heals oneself, but spreads this light to those around them, like the sun. The Body & Brain Center itself is a place filled with this bright spirit and by just practicing the simple exercises regularly, even the least spiritual person will naturally become more healthy, joyful and peaceful.


Based on an ancient Korean tradition, some may even say that Body & Brain isn’t the yoga we’ve become accustomed to in the West, and we couldn’t agree more. Because of the energetic element and heart associated with the practice, one might call it a magical healing experience all to its own unique category.

By Danielle Gaudette

Seattle Yoga News

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